Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rainy Halloween

The girls had a fun night trick 0r treating, even if it was rainy off and on! I do not have pictures of them together since Bai had to go out earlier with her friends! Kambe had almost as much fun handing out candy as she did getting it!I cannot believe how fast this year has flown by and that it is already November and time to start thinking about the holidays- Yikes!

Friday, October 1, 2010

So Long Summer of 2010

Yes, it has been way to long since I have blogged!! We had a great summer and did lots of fun stuff with friends and family, so I will just try and give the highlights (and low) of our summer! Looking forward to fall and all the holidays.
June: Bailey won the Most dedicated dancer of the year for their studio!
Spent lots of time swimming at cowabunga bay & a few trips to Lagoon.
July: Went to Stadium of Fire to see Carrie Underwood!
Bailey turned 11 and had a fun swimming birthday party!
Out hamster Lola died and is now buried in the back yard =(
Had fun camping in The Spruces with our family.
August: Bailey spent a week at Clear creek camp and loved it!
Had a great little vacation to St.George & Las Vegas with family
Kambrie started 1st grade and Bailey started 6th!

Well that is the short and quick version and all that I can think of right now, I will try not to wait so long to post next time!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


I have never won anything in my life, until a few months ago!! I love photography and follow several very talented photographers blogs. So, when simplicity photo had a contest I entered and won!! Angie, is just amazing and I have wanted to have her take my girls pictures for a long time so I was way excited. I won by making a donation to an amazing organization called Tiny Sparrow Foundation, you really should check it out http://tinysparrowfoundation.org/blog/ , those kids and their families are so strong and inspirational. Here are a few of my favorite pictures I cannot wait to hang them up on my walls!! Follow her blog her http://simplicityphotography.com/blog/.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Spring Sensational

My life has been so busy with dance competitions almost every weekend! Kambrie did one a week ago at gotta move, she did a great job and came in 2nd place. This last weekend the girls had a big competition. Kambrie did her solo on Friday and was amazing!! The best she has ever done. Not only did she take first place Queen in her division but she won the best overall of the entire solo competition! Her teacher and I were shocked and so excited. She beat out girls several years older than her. The trophy she won is HUGE, taller than me. The funny thing is, she told her teacher that she wanted to win that big trophy and I said what mom wants to take that huge thing home!! Well, I guess I do =) Then on Saturday both the girls competed with their teams and did awesome, they are both such great dancers and I love watching them grow and get better.

Monday, April 26, 2010


The girls had their first dance competition and they both did great!! Both Bailey and Kambrie's teams placed 2nd! Which is amazing considering everything that has gone on with the dance studio! They both have amazing teachers and we love the new owner Tracy, she is amazing. Kambrie also did her solo and took First Place Queen for her age!! She did so awesome and has put in a lot of hard work! Caroline, her teacher, has been so great with her. Bailey has been so supportive of her and now wants to do a solo herself! They both have several more competitions left and We are excited to watch them perform! We love Danceology Studio!!

Love this girl!!

This sweet girl is so funny sometimes, being her Mom is the best! At the beginning of the school year before and after school she would complain about her tummy hurting and not wanting to go. I knew that it was mostly due to going to a new school and having to ride the bus. So, I told her that we could say a prayer before school and ask Heavenly Father and Jesus to help her feel better. The next day we said a prayer before she had to get on the bus, when I picked her up from the bus stop she ran and jumped in the car, put her arms around my neck and gave me a big hug. Then she said it works mommy! My tummy did not hurt at all, praying really works. I will always treasure that moment. Well, now sometimes she wants to pray for anything and everything! Her and Bailey would really like to have another sibling and they are always asking when they are going to get one. So, the other day Kambe told me she was going to pray for me to have a baby. The next day she came and put her hand on my belly and said "Is there a baby in there?", I started laughing and said No and she responded with "But, I prayed!", Man I just love her to pieces. ( cute picture from Skye Johanson Photography)

Easter Fun!

I know that I am way behind in getting my Easter pictures posted, but better late than never I guess!! The girls got to do egg decorating with their cousins. They just love being able to spend time with them and could have played all night long!! We also had our annual egg hunt at my Moms. Even though there was snow on the ground and it was pretty cold they had fun looking for all the eggs, especially the ones with money in them! Since it was conference on Easter Sunday the girls did not wear their dresses until the following week, which was even better since it was sunny. My cute friend Emilie made Kambrie's amazing headband, she is so creative and talented. Happy late Easter!!